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Laser Engraved Products

Laser engraving is becoming a popular way to personalize and customize hundreds of items and materials that are not capable of being embroidered or screen printed on. It opens up a whole new world of awards and personalized gift options!  

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For me there is nothing more fulfilling than giving a gift to that special someone. What makes these gifts so great is the uniqueness and  usability of so many of them and adding that personal touch will make it a lasting favorite.

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If you love the look and usability of genuine leather but the price point is just too high, you will love the Leatherette items. Colorful choices and the great versatility of leather makes these an excellent choice of gifts , promotional items or awards. 

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We know how difficult it can be running a business, club or  organization and handling the awards. It can be difficult to come up with ideas or finding that new and memorable award. What makes it even more of a struggle is finding a place to get in done at! This is one thing that makes it so special here at The Foxy Squirrel. We not only offer the items but we have several options of customizing it for you! 

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