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Let us Create your Custom Online Store

How many times have you had request for your items? Friends, family and clients stating " I want one of your shirts, hats or hoodies" 

You really want to order them, you'd love to have people representing your business/brand and maybe make a little money, but its just to much money up front to order bulk, have all that inventory setting around and then trying to sell or deliver it is just another headache. Not to mention trying to get with everyone to pay upfront so your not out the cost, not sure about you, but that never seemed to work well for me. So many changed thier mind, drag their feet on payment , holding up the order for everyone else. 


Problem solved!!! Let The Foxy Squirrel Imprints help. We create your online store, with mockup items, your clients get to browse your store, chose their item, size and even personalize it with just a few clicks. They pay for the item and we fill the order and ship directly to them. Its that easy for you ! Not only do you now have people wearing and marketing your business/brand but you also make a little money with zero hassle! To learn more about the packages we offer click on store front packages.

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